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Introducing the SMD SL-TX4 - Screwless 4 Channel Speaker Terminal, the revolutionary speaker terminal that eliminates the need for screws! This Speaker Terminal is self-clamping, making it quick and easy to use without the hassle of screws.

How does it work? Simply take apart the SMD SL-TX4 and attach the front and back plates to each side of your enclosure. Feed the hex bolts through and start tightening. It's that simple! And with the option to choose between a panel thickness of 3/4" or 1", you have the flexibility to customize your installation.

Tired of using weak and flimsy speaker box terminals? Look no further. The SMD SL-TX4 is milled from 3/4" HDPE, a lightweight yet incredibly durable material that can withstand heavy box pressure. Designed to last a lifetime, these speaker terminals can also be easily moved from box to box when you decide to upgrade.

With a ring terminal size of 5/16" and the option to choose between aluminum or copper hardware, you can customize the terminal to suit your needs. The SMD SL-TX4 also includes 8 1-inch fasteners and comes with a gasket, ensuring a secure and tight seal.

The dimensions of the SMD SL-TX4 are to be determined, but rest assured, this product is proudly made in the USA.

Say goodbye to screws and hello to convenience with the SMD SL-TX4 - Screwless 4 Channel Speaker Terminal. Upgrade your speaker installation today with this innovative and easy-to-use product.


Product Brand SMD

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