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The SMD QR-2 Quick Release Speaker Box Terminal is the ultimate solution to two common problems faced by audio enthusiasts. Say goodbye to flimsy and fragile terminal cups, because the QR-2 is designed with a 1/2" body and 1/4" thick flange milled from 3/4" HDPE. This heavy-duty construction ensures that the QR-2 will never crack or deform under pressure. Unlike other terminal cups on the market, our product is built to last.

To provide the best performance, the QR-2 features nickel-plated N52 neodymium magnets for its terminals. These magnets guarantee that the connectors will never move or leak, even under intense vibrations. You can rest assured that the QR-2 will stay securely in place at all times. Additionally, our product comes with the best dual 10GA 100% OFC speaker wire, ensuring excellent sound quality.

The QR-2 also solves the problem of removability. With its quick release feature, you can easily detach the speaker box terminal cup. Whether you need to bring your box inside at night or make room in the trunk for other items, the QR-2 allows you to do it effortlessly.

This top-notch product is CNC milled from 3/4" HDPE, providing durability and reliability. You have a choice of adding 5 ft of 10GA speaker wire, with the option to fit 8GA as well. The 1/2" aluminum or copper terminal blocks, equipped with 5/16" x 18 set screws, ensure a secure connection for wires up to 8GA.

The QR-2 comes with eight mounting fasteners and a cork gasket, making installation easy and hassle-free. With several color combinations available, you have the freedom to choose a design that matches your style.

Crafted with pride in California, USA, the QR-2 is backed by a lifetime warranty. However, please note that it has been tested up to 7,000 watts. If you plan to use it with higher wattage, we recommend caution.

Experience the difference with the SMD QR-2 Quick Release Speaker Box Terminal - the ultimate solution for sturdy connections and quick removal.


Product Brand SMD

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