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The SMD PNC-2 (Positive & Negative Combo) is a revolutionary product that combines the SMD Quad Fuse Holder and the SMD Half Block Distribution Bar into one compact and efficient package. This product is designed to protect your vehicle from the dreaded "Car-B-Q" by adding a fuse as close to the battery as possible, thus preventing fire and catastrophic damage caused by short circuits.

Made with top-quality materials, this industrial strength ANL fuse holder is 100% made in the USA at SMD HQ. It is milled from HDPE and features metals from aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Additionally, it boasts a 3/16" clear acrylic cover to prevent accidental contact with live terminals.

This versatile unit is designed to withstand the elements and can be easily installed in various locations, including under the hood, in the cabin, or the trunk. It is even suitable for marine applications, as it is rust-resistant and built to last.

In addition to the fuse holder, the SMD PNC-2 includes a half power/ground distribution block that helps clean up your wiring and eliminates engine noise. This easy-to-use bus bar/distribution block features a 3/4" HDPE body, a 1/4" aluminum bus bar (or copper), and a 3/16" clear acrylic cover. It also has all stainless steel hardware (or copper) for optimal performance and durability.

The SMD PNC-2 is perfect for installing multiple amplifiers and other 12v devices to one central location. It can be used as a grounding block or positive distribution and accepts any ring terminal with a 5/16" hole. Available in both half block (6 ring terminal spots) or a "Split Block" (12 ring terminal locations), this product offers flexibility and convenience.

With its compact dimensions of 5.612" x 6.602" x 2" (LxWxH), the SMD PNC-2 is suitable for installations in small spaces. So, whether you have a demanding aftermarket sound system or other auxiliary accessories, this product is a must-have to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. Purchase the SMD PNC-2 today and experience the convenience and reliability of this exceptional combo product.


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