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Introducing the SMD MGB-3x2 Premium Mini Ground/ Positive Block, the perfect solution for all your wiring needs. With its compact size and high-quality construction, this bus bar/distribution block will help you clean up your messy wiring and eliminate engine noise.

The SMD MGB-3x2 features a 3/4" HDPE body and a 3/16" clear acrylic cover, ensuring durability and protection for your electrical connections. Choose between the aluminum or copper material for optimal conductivity. No matter which option you choose, you can trust that this product is built to last.

This versatile block can be used as either a grounding block or a positive distribution block, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you need to install multiple amplifiers or other 12V devices, the SMD MGB-3x2 has got you covered. It provides a centralized location for all your connections, simplifying your setup and saving you valuable time.

To make installation even easier, each SMD MGB-3x2 block comes with an extra top lid that is specifically designed to fit with the Fuse/Distro Block Adapters. These adapters are available for purchase separately.

With dimensions of 2.2" x 2.955" x 1.5" (LxWxH), this mini ground/positive block is compact enough to fit in tight spaces without compromising functionality. It is also available in several different colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences or matches your existing wiring setup.

Fits 8 Gauge wire.

Don't forget to consider the SMD Fuse/Distro Block Adapters, which can accommodate bigger or more wires.

Say goodbye to messy wiring and hello to a clean, organized installation with the SMD MGB-3x2 Premium Mini Ground/ Positive Block. Trustworthy and efficient, this product will exceed your expectations and make your installation process a breeze. Order yours today and experience the convenience and quality that only SMD products can provide.


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