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Organize and simplify your electrical system with the SMD Full Power/Ground Distribution Block. Say goodbye to tangled wires and engine noise interference! This convenient bus bar/distribution block is designed for easy installation and optimum performance.

The SMD Full Power/Ground Distribution Block features a sturdy 3/4" HDPE body for long-lasting durability. The 1/4" aluminum bus bar (or copper) ensures efficient power distribution to your amplifiers and other 12V devices. To protect and showcase the internal components, this distribution block is topped with a transparent 3/16" clear acrylic cover, allowing you to easily monitor the connections.

We have spared no expense in crafting this high-quality product. All hardware included is made of stainless steel (or copper), ensuring resistance to corrosion and guaranteeing a secure and reliable connection. This distribution block is designed to handle multiple amplifiers and other 12V devices, allowing you to centralize your installations and minimize clutter.
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