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The SMD Ford 6.5" Speaker Adapters by Sky High Car Audio are a must-have accessory for anyone looking to upgrade their car audio system. These speaker adapters come in a convenient pair, making it easier than ever to install and enjoy enhanced sound quality in your vehicle. Please note that the speakers themselves are not included with this product.

Designed specifically for the following vehicles, the SMD Ford 6.5" Speaker Adapters are compatible with the 2015+ Ford F-150, the 2017+ Ford F-250, and the 2018+ Ford F-350. This makes it an ideal choice for owners of these Ford models who want to take their audio experience to the next level.

Featuring a high-quality construction, these speaker adapters are made from 3/4" textured HDPE marine board, known for its durability and reliability. The machining on both sides ensures a precise fit and easy installation. With an inner cutout of 5.62" and an outer cutout of 6.52", the 6.5" diameter of these adapters provides a perfect fit for your speakers. Additionally, the 3" diameter cutout accommodates a variety of speaker sizes, while the tweeter cutout has an inner diameter of 1.8675" and an outer diameter of 2.3".

With the SMD Ford 6.5" Speaker Adapters, you can seamlessly install the SHCA 65C3P Premium Neo 3 Way 6.5" Component Set 4 ohm with Neo Motors and Titanium Dome speakers. This component set, which can be purchased separately, offers outstanding audio performance and clarity to enhance your driving experience.

Upgrade your car audio system and enjoy superior sound quality with the SMD Ford 6.5" Speaker Adapters by Sky High Car Audio. Made from high-quality materials and compatible with a range of Ford vehicles, these adapters provide a perfect fit and easy installation for an enhanced audio experience on the road. Please note that speakers are not included.


Product Brand SMD
Diameter 6.5"  

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