Li-PS1200L XS Power 12VDC Lithium Powersports Vehicle Battery 960A 52.8Ah

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The Li-PS1200L by XS Power is a 12-volt Lithium Powersports Series vehicle battery with a maximum current capacity of 960A. Watt-hour rating is 678.4Wh, cranking amps are 480CA, lead-acid equivalent (PbEq) for cranking amps is 720CA, amp hours are 52.8Ah, and lead-acid equivalent (PbEq) for amp hours is 105.6Ah. The polarity layout for this vehicle battery is R


Battery Voltage 12VDC
Battery Series Lithium Powersports  
Battery Polarity Right
Battery Application Type Powersports  
Amp Hours PbEq 105.6Ah (PbEq)
Amp Hours C/20 52.8Ah
Watt-Hours 678.4Wh
Product Brand XS Power
Maximum Amps 960A
GTIN12 692209053606
Cranking Amps PbEq 720CA (PbEq)
Cranking Amps (@ 32°F) 480CA

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