Edward Lester III

Technical Director/Co-Founder

Edward has been a leading Mobile-Electronics Industry expert for nearly 20 years. For 10 of those years, Edward has worked high-level manufacturing and distribution positions performing product development and marketing. He has been a world-championship car audio competitor for seven consecutive years, gaining top honors. Edward also has over a decade of experience as a specialist electronics-installer and retailer. He started an online dealership Showtime Electronics that has grown to a million-dollar per year business and now plans to do the same with Sparked Innovations.

Edward is known for his knowledge of products, concepts, techniques, and practices when it comes to mobile electronics. Customers come to Edward because of his friendliness, helpfulness, and openness with information. Edward grew his YouTube Channel following to over 27,000 subscribers and over 8 million views because of his helpful, and entertaining videos. His innovative ideas, combined with his growing customer support will ensure Edward continues his upward trend of success for years to come.

Edward’s extensive knowledge stems from his passion and interest in electronics, mechanics, engineering, and creativity. He started in the hobby of car audio in the early 90s, entering his first car audio competition in 1995. Edward attended a Mobile-Electronics trade school in 1998 and began his career as an installer later in the same year. Edward worked as one of the top installers at one of the nation’s leading Mobile-Electronics retailers for over seven years. He then moved up to working with a lighting technology and electronics manufacturer in project engineering with CeeLite. Edward’s ventures in lighting and electronics at RazorLite took them to SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association), the largest specialty industry trade show in the world, where they took home the honor of being the second most visited booth of 2008, right behind Ford.

Gaining more experience, Edward moved on to lead production and product development as well as online sales and marketing for a fledgling loudspeaker manufacturer. He also began writing tech articles for several Mobile-Electronics publications. Catching the praise of other industry professionals, Edward went on to start a partnership with a leading battery manufacturer XS Power Batteries. There, Edward conducted product design and development for the multimillion-dollar battery company as well as started a partner company in Mobile-Electronics distribution and online sales. Edward has an Associates Degree in Communications from Montgomery County Community College with a focus on video production that has expanded his skills in writing and marketing tools and helped further his abilities which are well-rounded.